The Geotransensor Project

This project came online January 2013. Our sensor is located directly on a fault in the New Madrid zone, monitoring precursors. We do not use any outside methods to predict quakes. Our sensors tell us when conditions are favorable for earthquakes in Arkansas and on the New Madrid. Others hope to be able to predict quakes someday, we do it now.  This LP sensor currently gives 2.5 to 3 hours of advanced notice but is limited to an area of 100 miles NNW aprox. and 155 miles South for local warnings on small quakes. (Larger events should extend the ranges) The RP mode covers deep into the New Madrid area. Very small quakes near Ridgely Tn. do not commonly show up and are at the end off the range for Rp mode. Larger big events on the New Madrid beyond this area should still trigger a RP warning mode. Low pressure LP and Rp events are not fully understood. Low pressure events due not always result in quakes, but can, so a warning mode is always issued.  Very low pressures on LP below 5 almost always do. The LP sensor is an area monitor made to watch over city’s and areas of concern. The Arkansas area receives about 11 earthquakes a year currently. When formulating the percentage of predicted quakes, please consider this. In the past it has been 99 percent effective in predicting small earthquakes locally. A large damaging  earthquake would in all likelihood be predicted 100 percent of the time by the LP sensor. This system is not dependent on Radon gas, helicorder data, radio waves or thermal readings. Russian researchers have proven those methods are very good, but our system is beyond those techniques. Many sensors are needed. If you are interested in this project please e-mail us.



We need a lot of capitol to implement this project. After almost seven years running and proving itself, we still have been unable to get any support. U.S.G.S. has shown no interest. This type of system could be the missing link to make their service as powerful as the national weather service in prediction, instead of detection . We are willing to work with any nation or government or private agency in development. If you are interesting in making this project a world-wide success please contact us. Lets change the world.

6.3 mag quake on the New Madrid fault before 2040 50-90% Chance.

7.6 mag quake on the New Madrid fault before 2040 18-25% Chance.

8.3 mag quake on the New Madrid fault before 2040 3-9% Chance.

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