The videos below tell the tale of the sleeping giant called the New Madrid zone. The monster is at rest currently and people are ignoring the threat. Our earthquake prediction system could be one of the most important devises ever made to give ample warning time of this coming event. 2.5 to 3 hours notice may not seem much time, but it is way beyond any other system in use today. Combining this system with others would be incredible. Currently we are protecting Arkansas. People that live here are just not that interested in earthquakes as they are rare and small. That is temporary. Hope is not a tactic. People hope it won’t happen. It will. When that time comes this system will likely be destroyed immediately by that event. People will have had the opportunity to be warned, but will have just not considered it to be important. This system should be in use worldwide. Making that happen is very important to us. If you are working in the field of earthquake research we invite you to contact us and help us fully develop this system.